Spoiler: WWE Smackdown superstar new favorite to win 2019 Money in the Bank


Bengaluru, May 10: Andrade is one of the young talents on WWE roster that could make it big in the near future. His incredible athleticism and mic skills from Zelina Vega who works as the business manager are a good match. These two were sent back to Smackdown Live even after shaken up to Monday Night Raw which we think can only be cited as a potential championship opportunity.
Previously, a few sources reported that Charlotte Flair was very unhappy after WWE sent her real-life beau to Raw. So she pressurized Vince McMahon to reverse the decision. Apparently, The Boss decided 'to bow down to 'The Queen' and brought back her man to the blue brand.
But there is more to the story. PWInsider.com reports that bringing back Andrade was a complete business decision from the WWE creative team perspective. Smackdown is moving to Fox Sports later this year and the new show hosts want him to be on the show as a Mexican representative, (courtesy wwfoldschool.com)
"According to PWInsider, FOX officials requested WWE to move Andrade & Zelina to SmackDown because SmackDown lacked Latino stars after the Superstar Shake-Up and FOX is planning to showcase WWE's Latino stars on their Spanish language station, FOX Deportes, once SmackDown moves to their Network in October."

This automatically keeps Andrade in a path where a major push awaits him. With Rey Mysterio away on Monday Night Raw, he will be one to bring in Hispanic culture on Smackdown. Hence, WWE officials have recently thought of making Andrade the Money in the Bank winner to dub him as a future champion. This comes as a piece of sad news for Drew McIntyre who was always the favorite to win the 2019 edition of the match.
The Dirty Sheets added that WWE officials are keen on pleasing the Fox Sports officials as well with that angle. Well, that is what a whopping one billion dollar yearly deal brings with it. The company are prepared to try everything possible to satisfy the host platform which they feel will provide them major mainstream attention. Since Fox officials hold a high esteem on Andrade, it's only a matter of time that he gets into the main event picture.

Previous plans for El-Idolo was to make him the Intercontinental Champion and then send him to the WWE Championship picture. But as you can see, Andrade is no longer chasing the mid-card title, despite starting the storyline on Smackdown. This hints that WWE may start gearing him up for the prime title picture from Money in the Bank onwards.

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