Spoiler for Randy Orton's next big feud on WWE Smackdown


Bengaluru, June 11: Randy Orton proved his nickname of the Legend Killer after picking up one of the biggest wins of his career at WWE Super ShowDown. A decade-long rivalry was renewed on Friday night in Saudi Arabia where Triple H challenged him for a match only to come up short. After all, he was the victim of the 'three most destructive letters in sports entertainment, RKO.'
Originally, the match between the two veterans should have gone in the favor of Triple H as per most of the sources and predictions. However, The Viper stood tall in the end because of WWE's future storyline. Randy Orton may be heading into a surprise feud on Smackdown as 2019 summer begins.

As per a post on his Twitter-handle, the thirteen-time world champion wished to go back to the mid-card title picture. So he wanted to pick a fight against the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor. This indicates a brand new rivalry may begin in Smackdown Live when it airs tonight from Sacramento, California.
The Grand Slam Title winner, Randy Orton bagged the IC title after entering the main roster back in 2002 which marked the opening of his championship reigns. He expressed his desire to get back that title and thereby Finn Balor will be his next target in the WWE. If that's the case then the audience will finally be treated with a never-before-seen feud.

As for the Intercontinental Champion himself, Finn Balor is also in Smackdown without any current opponent after coming up as the winner against Andrade at Super ShowDown. His alter ego, The Demon King defeated the Mexican Superstar with quite an ease to close the chapter and look forward to the future.
But the least he could have expected that a thirteen-time world champion and a future Hall of Famer would be waiting for him, next. If well-executed, this could be the most significant rivalry of his career as he looks forward to cementing his name in the main event picture of Smackdown. WWE creative team will also receive a great opportunity to put over Balor with the help of none other than the Apex Predator.

As of now, the feud is obviously not confirmed to begin on Smackdown as the officials may be considering a second option for Randy Orton. For weeks now, the NXT import, Aleister Black is looking for someone who would like to fight him. Eventually, Orton also desired to put his name in that context, too. It will be interesting to see which route he finally chooses when Smackdown airs with the post-Super ShowDown edition.

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