Spiritual hermitage in Bengaluru feeding the hungry amid COVID-19 crisis

Bengaluru, July 27 (ANI): In a bid to ward off hunger woes that have worsened with COVID-19 pandemic, various individuals and organisations across the country have come to the forefront to distribute food and grocery items among the needy. Sidhashram, an organization run by a committee of 10-15 members is one among them. Located in the Bengularu city, this organization has been feeding aaround 300 people daily amid the pandemic. Every day, people stand in a long queue, patiently waiting for their turn to receive the food items that are provided to them by the ashram. Before they get the food, their hands are sanitized and their thermal screening is also conducted. No matter which caste or community they belong to, if they want to have food, they are all welcomed.