‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ Trailer #2 Gives Away Most of the Plot

The second trailer of Spider-man: Homecoming is out and is probably giving away more than it should in a trailer.

And Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr, in a rare feat, might be acting like an adult in this film. So those of you who thought he was a buzzkill in Captain America: Civil War, may not appreciate responsible Stark in this one either. An example of this is when he confiscates Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland’s Spidey-suit.

Spider-man: Homecoming appears to be treading down a different path as it explores how a young kid handles that much power (read: irresponsibly).

The rest of the trailer, in great detail, tells you all about the bad guy and just how far Peter Parker goes in order to prove himself as an Avenger.

Spider-man releases on 7 July 2017.

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