Spider-Man Homecoming trailer: Twitter approves of Tom Holland entry into the Avengers: Infinity War [VIDEO]

Dishya Sharma
Spider man homecoming

Spider-Man, Facebook

Tom Holland-starrer Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has just released and it is mind-blowing.

The trailer reveals more details about the teenage Spider-Man. And it does feel that he has taken more than a little inspiration from the R-Rated Ryan Reynolds movie, Deadpool.

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The reason we feel like that, is the trailer starts off with Tom Holland clad in his Spider-Man suit, flying between high-rises and headed to save the world, alongside his mentor, Iron Man aka Tony Stark.

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The new promo also reveals the villain in action – the Vulture. In an attempt to reel him into the squad, Vulture threatens, attacks and almost kills our adorable superhero.

Will he survive? How does he prove himself worthy of the Avengers? Does he do it all without the help of Tony Stark? We'll have to wait and watch on July 7, 2017.

While the trailer just released a while back on Twitter, fans are already all praise for the promo, actor and making. Here's what Spider-Man fans have to say:


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