Speed Delivery! Italian Police Use Lamborghini to Deliver Kidney Within Two Hours in Life-Saving Surgery

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Riding a Lamborghini is no less than a dream for car lovers. The luxury sports car could be among the wish list of many for just a ride. But police in Italy recently made good use of its speed to deliver a kidney for a transplant surgery. Italian police drove a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 at 230 km/hour to transport a kidney for a surgery. The police safely delivered the vital organ in a journey that would have otherwise taken 5 to 6 hours. A short clip of the racing vehicle has been shared online. Hyderabad Traffic Constable Runs 2 km to Clear Traffic Jam to Make Way for Ambulance, Earns Praise After Video Goes Viral.

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The police officers drove from northern town of Padova, down south to the Gemelli hospital in Rome, a distance of about 500 kms. As per the media reports, the local authorities were unable to find a way to quickly deliver the organ for kidney transplant surgery. So the police officers stepped in, getting out their blue and white coloured vehicle from the fleet. Yes, if that's what you are wondering, then Lamborghini is utilized to move transplant organs, plasma and vaccines across the country here. This Huracian has an onboard tablet and cameras and is equipped with cold storage box to transport organs. The officers reached speeds upto 230kph to make it in time to the recipient. Heart-Breaking Pic of Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Crashed 20 Minutes After Leaving Showroom Goes Viral! #CouldHaveCried Tweets out West Yorkshire Police.

Check Video Here:

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But it was soon cleared that this was an extremely rare case. The Ministry of Health and Centro Nazionale Trapianti, the National Transplant Center explained that this was just the second case in the year for such a donation. In such cases, the transport is planned as well as maximum speed has to be ensured.