Speculation is swirling about the icon of the new political party of Rajinikanth

After the Election Commission of India issued a letter offering symbols to parties to participate in the 2021 elections, speculations regarding Rajinikanth's much-awaited new political party reached a new peak.
The only information available for Rajinikanth's party until 14 December was that the superstar will launch the party in January 2021 and that the date of launch would be declared on 31 December.

Though it seemed to the public that Rajinikanth was busy with movie shootings and not very worried about the campaign, a dedicated team of techies worked on various party-related ventures. The work was reportedly supervised by Soundharya, Rajinikanth's younger daughter. Interestingly, even the office bearers of Rajinikanth Makkal Mandram were held away by this squad.

The letter from the Election Commission claimed that Makkal Sevai Katchi applied for a contest from all 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu and the 'auto rickshaw' symbol was allocated to the party. Sources, however, indicate that the party had demanded the symbol called Baba symbol, famously associated with Rajinikanth, for 'twin fingers' mudra.' It is allegedly not authorised, however, as it may be confused with the 'open hand' sign of the Indian National Congress.