10 most biodiverse countries in the world

March 3 is ‘World Wildlife Day’ and on account of this occasion, here’s a look at the most biodiverse countries that house the maximum number of species of animals.

The list is measured by species richness. It takes a simplified approach to create a weighted index using five groups of animals — amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles — and one group of plants — vascular plants. Each country is ranked by its percentage of species in each group relative to the total global number of species for each group.

However, there are some major omissions such as— the system doesn’t account for insects and other invertebrates, fungi, microorganisms, and a number of other large groups of living creatures. Nor does it attempt to measure diversity of populations within species, levels of endemism, or intactness of ecosystems.

Nonetheless, it is a fair representation of the planet’s most biodiverse countries.

Source: https://news.mongabay.com/2016/05/top-10-biodiverse-countries/