Special Terror Zone: Pakistan has a new name, courtesy India

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    It’s better suited name is SUAAR-is -taan
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    India must pass a resolution to consider Pakistan as no country
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    In every other article or news channel says that we should talk.Past 70years we are only trying to talk & what Pakistan is doing we all know.They are f..king jihadis.All they know is their as..ole religion & terrorism.What we should do is stop talking & put a bullet in the heads of Kashmir separatists,stone pelters & Pakistan supporters.50% of the problem will be solved then & there only.
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    Our dear PM had birtyani with Nawaz so can not use any harsh word or can not take hard step against pakistan

    Biryani diplomacy failed and our 100 jawans killed so the common citizens and we still have love for pakistan and Film industry also love pakistanis
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    We need to build WALL like Trump said after this
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    Muslims are killed in India for eating beef, humanity at its worst and lowest.
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    Pakistanis used Americans for their own benefit and now they are going to use Russia
    They dont consider America now as their savior and funding to start fro Russia so these poor Pakistanis can survive
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    Next PM of Pakistan is terrorist Hafiz and he will be given atom bomb too