Special status for Bihar, Nitish Kumar looks forward to Committee's report

Patna, Aug 11 (ANI): After demanding special category status for Bihar to boost economic development, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday said that they are looking forward to the recommendations of the Central government and the expert's committee.

"We have been appealing for a special status for Bihar to the Central government. An expert committee has been formed. We are looking forward to the recommendations of the committee...... and the central Government's decision. We want special status for Bihar and this has been the wish of the people in Bihar and it is their right," he told media here today.

According to reports, Nitish Kumar on July 8 pinned hope on the high-level sub-committee formed by Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram to finalise the new criteria for backwardness of the states.

Reports also quote Nitish Kumar as saying that Chidambaram during his visit to Bihar three months ago had spoken favourably about Bihar qualifying for special status under the new criteria to be decided by the high-level sub-committee in the context of development deficit of the state. (ANI)