What is the ‘Special Category Status’ That Andhra Pradesh Wants?

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    Its what you have promised before elections
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    AP got injustice in bifurcation but at the same time the CM would have asked in sensible way for the funds on priority basis one by one not all the things at a time
    from center. Suppose if the AP CM become prime minster what he can do all he can do like the present PM and he could not skew towards AP totally as he is from
    AP. Earlier PV Narasimha Rao become PM he could not do the same for APand AP people blamed him and shown their immaturity. Once you become PM it is not that easy to do too much favours to their own states and a sensible persons do not that. Giving promises is the way of life during elections and in society and can not be taken for granted . In all the private and government institutions lot of promises are done and their implementation always incomplete. Before god lot of people do various promises but very few fulfill them as things are all ways not
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    This complex problem is made by thoughtless and idiot politicians for their vested interests. Before A P several states like U P, M P, Bhihar, Punjab were divided and they why this mess up has taken place only for AP?

    There are wide differences between A P bifurcation and the division of other states done earlier.
    First of all the majority of A P did not want bifurcation and these people made an year long agitation for unified A P.
    After Centre sent the Bifurcation bill to A P assembly for its approval, it was rejected by AP assembly by majority.
    This is the only case where the well developed State Capital had gone to people who were demanding separate state and the people who wanted the state to be not divided is deprived of a capital.
    So in those above circumstances the then government promised several benefits to Residual AP (as it now became revenue deficit state.) and also put several intensities in the re organization bill. Still A P MPs were fighting tooth and nail in the parliament, they were evicted from the house and doors were closed. CCTVs were switched off and the bill was passed in L S. As the ire of A P people mounted, then P M of the Country Dr. Manmohan Singh promised 5 years special category to A P.. Then the BJP MP and now Vice President M Venkayya Naidu promised that if BJP comes to power, they would make special category to 10 years. Even during 2014 election campaign Modi promised several things in Tirupati.
    Now after coming to Power, BJP started showing colors and refusing the special status and also not releasing the promised funds as per the requirement. Now F M says ( with the approval of MODI) how can we give so much funds to only one state depriving funds to defense etc?
    The faulty AP reorganization bill is the root cause of all these problems.
    Jairam Ramesh, Chidambaram, Gulab Nabi Azad, Shinde, Moily are the culprits to make very erroneous bill.
    As it is evident no politician in Indial will keep his promise, the simple thing they would have done is "APART FROM SHARING THE CAPITAL HYDERABAD, THEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT REVENUE SHARING OF HYDERABAD DISTRICT PROPORTIONATELY AS PER POPULATION OF DIVIDED STATES FOR TEN YEARS" This would have removed the disparities of revenues of Telangana and AP" This is rational and justified as people of both sides of undivided state contributed for the development of Hyderabad. In fact Andhras contributed more. When there is agreement for water and power sharing what is the problem of revenue sharing for 10 years? Please note that Haryana and Punjab are sharing the capital on permanent basis. Then centre would have given assistance for capital building and Polavaram would have reduced much woes of residual state.
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    Mr. Naidu's demand for special status is purely a political one primarily because his adversary Mr. Reddy is also demanding it. So he cannot backout now. However, as stated, Modi sarkar has already treated AP on par with a state with 'special category' status. Nothing more nothing less. So Modi sarkar has done his job. Now Mr. Naidu is playing politics to be politically correct and get the better off Mr. Reddy. Hope the anti congress forces remain united for the betterment of the country. Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!!
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    What about Tax incentives for Industry as part of SCS? Which are not mentioned in this article. The main issue between TDP and Central Govt is tax refunds/incentives, which are extended to current SCS states for 10 more years.
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    As Mr. Babu agreed for special Assistance instead of special category in 2016 as center said that as per 14 th finance commission it was not possible. Till now state did not received single rupee in that. This article has missed this.Recently Center is extending Special status to few states. Hence all people of andhra is asking for Special status now.
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    Information in Comments are clear , direct and realistic than actual article.!!
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    Give special status but dont give any money .....
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    Mr. Babu, though it's late you opened eyes now. These chaddi crooks are good for Malya, Nirav, Ambani, Adani, Ramdev. They can invite these defaulters for Davos, but cannot figure out where they are ? Where as small children are dying due to lack of oxygen, Farmers committing suicide, lack of jobs, youngsters choosing wrong paths, inflation and dollar is record high, sensex is dying, hatred among people & religion is very high in their regime. Poor are becoming poor and rich are becoming rich.
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    It is foolish to demand something that cannot be given; it is prudent to ask for something that can be given. TDP's demand is unreasonable. The Centre had given Rs.2500 crores for Amaravati, but not a single building was constructed.