Speaker was held hostage: Nitish Kumar justifies action against opposition MLAs

Justifying police action against opposition legislators over the 'Special Armed Police Bill', Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that the protesting MLAs had held the Speaker hostage and his chamber got gheraoed. Kumar said that it is Speaker's prerogative in how he controls the situation. "Everyone knows how the Speaker's chamber was gheraoed and what was done in front of his Chair in the House. Today it's being said that Police was called there, it's in Speaker's hands that he can take any help to control the situation. The Speaker was held hostage and it was never happened before. But anyhow the Special Armed Police Bill got passed," said CM Nitish Kumar. On March 23, the opposition created ruckus inside the Bihar Assembly over 'Special Armed Police Bill'. The Bill gives the police powers to search anyone without a warrant and take them into custody wherever they are posted. It got passed in the Assembly late evening of March 23.