Speak for yourself, Sonam Kapoor. We aren’t second-class citizens

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Soman Kapoor
Soman Kapoor

While women in the United States could gain voting rights only in 1920 after decades of protests, Indian women enjoyed voting rights from the very first elections: a right enshrined under Article 326 of the Constitution.

India has been represented by women holding its highest offices of prime minister, President, defence minister, finance minister, external affairs minister and more.

And then some Bollywood B-lister, known more for fashion, less for acting, says women are treated as second-class citizens in India. That Sonam Kapoor chose to give this statement to a magazine marketed in Arabia, kills the mother of all ironies.

Are you even serious, Sonam?

Please explain what you mean by ‘second-class’ citizen. Do you even know who a citizen is and what rights are conferred upon one? Did your Political Science lecturer not teach you that every single right bestowed upon a man in India is shared by the woman, too?

Women in India have the right to vote, get an education, travel alone, drive, become a single mother, inherit family property, choose to marry whoever they want, choose to divorce, claim alimony, claim custody of children after divorce (which in most cases she wins), get maternity leave, choose to work, choose to stay at home with the male member in the family bearing her expenses and then some more.

She also has all those ‘freedoms’ which are paramount for ‘women empowerment’ for a pseudo-feminist. She can drink, smoke, get into a live-in relationship, have an active pre-marital sex life, choose to have multiple sex-partners and choose to have a same-sex partner. None of these would get her sentenced to 100s of lashes in public. How many of the enlisted rights are granted to women in Arabia?

We know, India is not the perfect haven for women. Till we have chief ministers awarding sewing machines to brutal rapists, and lawyers such as Indira Jaisingh working as apologists for rapists, we cannot hope for any better.

Talk against them, Sonam. You won’t because castigating them goes against the political discourse you follow and propagate.

When confronted, all you have in your defense is, ‘Hindutva goons are trolling me’. That stunt of dragging Hindutva through the mud every time you get egg on your face has been done to death and impresses no one anymore.

India is not a Hindu-only country. Culture of every community thriving here constitutes the congregated ‘Indian culture’ you are so fond of slandering.

Are you aware of the practice of ‘halala’? Are you aware of the practice of female genital mutilation? These are practiced in India. Show the nerve to talk about these practices, let alone talking against them. You would have been disowned by your host, Bazaar Arabia, had you even begun to sibilate these words.

Speaking of Arabia, weren’t you present at the MDL Beast Festival held in Riyadh last December, as an influencer? We hear, scores of women -- even those in hijabs -- were subjected to sexual harassment.

So, what did you do to ‘influence’ ‘women empowerment’ there? Let me tell you what.

The feminist in you stayed unmoved like a log of rotting wood. You were called out by @diet_prada for your nauseating silence.

You should be the last person to talk about women’s empowerment. There’s not much you have achieved by the virtue of your merit alone despite the opportunities, thanks to the film family you come from.

Sonam, my dear, I am an admirer of your wardrobe choices, but when it comes to socio-political conversations, you have repeatedly proved yourself less than smart. Your write up -- ‘Listen to the national anthem…recall the line you heard as kids, ‘Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issai…’ in a leading English daily was a screaming testimony of your utter illiteracy.

It is advisable that you don’t go about denigrating the country in front of foreign media to gain a couple of brownie liberal points. You have embarrassed yourself enough with your lack of information, now don’t put the reputation of the country at stake because you don’t know things.

Please go back to what you do best. Stroll around in fancy over-priced fabrics and have us admire you for what you excel at.

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