Spark, Smoke in Laptop Bag Trigger Panic in IndiGo Flight, Plane Lands Safely in Bengaluru News Desk
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IndiGo Flight From Goa to Hyderabad Departs ‘Early’, Leaves 14 Passengers Behind

The flight's scheduled time of arrival in Hyderabad was 12:05 am, but it landed at 11:40 pm.

New Delhi, Nov 13: Low-cost carrier IndiGo seems to be going through a rough phase. In yet another incident involving the airline, passengers of flight 6E-445 from Thiruvananthapuram to Bengaluru panicked after the crew noticed smoke mid-air.

According to reports, the crew operating flight 6E-445 from Thiruvananthapuram to Bengaluru noticed smoke smell in cabin on November 11. “The crew quickly identified minor sparks coming from hat-rack of seat 24RH and immediately informed the pilot-in-command,” a statement issued by the airline said.

“Taking precautionary measures, the cabin crew on priority relocated all passengers from adjacent seats. Smoke from a black laptop placed in the hand baggage was discharged with a fire extinguisher,” it added.

The plane landed safely at Bengaluru airport and no injury to any passenger was reported in the incident.

IndiGo has been in news for all the wrong reasons since past few days. It all started with a viral video showing IndiGo staff thrashing a passenger at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. The IndiGo issued a public apology for the incident.

Earlier today, the airline issued another apology statement expressing regret over an incuident at Lucknow airport. A wheelchair-bound passenger fell off when an IndiGo staffer was assisting her. The passenger sustained minor injuries in the incident.

“We apologise to Urvashi Parikh Viren for the mishap that occurred at the Lucknow Airport yesterday at 8 pm,” the airline said in a statement.

“Our IndiGo representative was pushing her wheelchair towards the arrival hall. As he was guiding her wheelchair through a vehicular lane, which was dimly lit at that time of the night, her wheelchair got stuck in a deep crack on the tarmac and lost balance and she fell off her wheelchair,” it clarified.