Twitter Asked People to Roast 2020 and Funny Folks of the Internet Did Not Disappoint

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With just a couple of days left of what was a whirlwind of a year, 2020 seems to be not really on anybody's good books. Starting bang right since January, the coronavirus in China kept spirits from rising as they eventually immersed the whole world in varying stages of lockdown.

From Wildfires, cyclones, volcanoes erupting, icebergs breaking, climate change to Donald Trump's disputed tweets, the world took a beatdown of everything. So, Twitter also seemed to be sharing the feeling and thus asked its followers to come up with the the best way they can to roast the year. And netizens did NOT disappoint!

Check out a some of the best ones:

Ever came across that one annoying person who wouldn't shut up even after you plug on earphones? Well, 2020 took inspiration, we agree with this one! Some of the tweets were so good that twitter had to respond to them in their own way..

This one too.

Someone hauled in Trump too for a term over and year-ender joke.

A bit of an Uptoian imagery if the year hadn't existed, said one.

The pain in Spain is so true!

Someone wanted to mute the year and the microblogging site didn't disapprove.

The refrigerator tweets are just so relatable.

This is what somebody's Christmas tree looked like. And, well, practical.

The pineapple on pizza disaster anyone? Well, 2020 was a bit like that too, said Grubhub.

To round off the roasts, we will leave you with this. What WWE on FOX did.

Now, we sure hope 2021 is nothing like its predecessor and the world can finally get out of its closet.