Spain Records Fewest Daily Deaths in Two Months

Spain has reported 59 new fatalities from the new coronavirus, the lowest daily death toll in two months. That brings the total number of deaths in the country to 27,709.

The number of confirmed infections rose on Monday to 231,606, or 285 new ones from the previous day.

Fernando Simon, the top health official in charge of Spain's response to COVID-19, called the latest figures "very good news". "The goal is no longer knowing the total number of cases but to detect as early as possible the new cases wherever they appear," Simon said.

He added that the time span between infections and diagnosis has shortened and that more people are being cured because treatment has improved.

Commerce across the country was reopening on Monday as Spanish regions gradually edge toward what authorities have branded as the "new normality". The hard-hit regions in or around Barcelona and Madrid are progressing slower than the rest of Spain.