What Is A Space Station ?

Space has always been a mystery for everyone. And because of that various space organizations have joined hands to find out what lies a million kilometers up. Various satellites, rockets, vehicles have been sent to discover the unknowns.

But apart from all these multi-million dollar equipments, there is one more thing that's hanging up in the sky and orbiting the earth 24/7, this is known as the Space Station. This is NYK and in this video, we will tell you what a space station is.

A space station is a large spacecraft which is rotating around the earth. The Space station is a site where astronauts work and many spaceships launched from the Earth take a halt at this station. It is a kind of science laboratory, several countries have worked together and are working together to make use of it and discover the undiscovered.

Right about 250 miles above the Earth's surface orbits the space station. NASA uses this station to learn how to live and work in space so that more part of space can be explored.

The space station is home to 6 astronauts; it has facilities like a gym and a wide window from where the earth is visible. It's nearly weighing about a million pounds and as wide as a football field. Space Station has science laboratories from the USA, Russia, Japan, and Europe.

The crew members carry on their research in the laboratories of the space station. This type of research cannot be done from the Earth.

Scientists are constantly finding out what really happens to humans in space. Space Organizations have learned how to maintain a spacecraft for a long time. In the future, these lessons will be significant.

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