SP leader Abu Azmi mocks filmmaker Karan Johar opting for surrogacy to become a father

Shekhar H Hooli
Abu Azmi

Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Abu Azmi has taken a dig at filmmaker Karan Johar for becoming a father of twins through surrogacy.

Addressing the media on Monday, Abu Azmi said, "Getting married is not a crime. God has created equal number of girls and boys and maid pairs of them. But he has not got a pair (Karan Johar). I don't know whether it's done within the limit of law. But he should get married.

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"If he can't get married due to some disease that he is suffering from, he should reveal it. He is such a grown up and he should get married. If he can't get married due to some problem, he should adopt a kid. Why do you have to do this drama of surrogacy." 

Karan Johar announced the news on Saturday. The twins - a boy and a girl, named Yash and Roohi, were born at the Masrani Hospital in Andheri under the care of Dr Jatin Shah on February 7. Later, they were shifted to Surya Mother and Child Hospital in Santa Cruz. The filmmaker is expected to take the twins home very soon.

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Talking about opting for surrogacy, Karan Johar said, "This was an emotional yet well thought out decision which I have taken after considering all the responsibilities and duties that come with being a parent. In order to arrive at this decision, I have prepared myself mentally, physically, emotionally and logistically to ensure that my children get all the unconditional love, care and attention from me and mine. I have submitted to the fact that my children are my world and priority."

Several celebs including Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra have congratulated Karan Johar for becoming father of twins. Politicians like Pankaja Munde supported his decision.

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