'South Park' rips Mark Zuckerberg for promoting fake news

On South Park, the soon-to-be-super-popular superhero franchise Coon and Friends were being trashed by someone on Facebook with stories that they poop in little girls’ mouths and other such nefarious things. With lies running rampant, the town decided to invite Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions about the issue of fake news, but it turned out he’s kind of hard to talk to. With a garbled voice, Zuckerberg repeatedly talked about his style and that you couldn’t block him. Needless to say, not many answers about fake news were answered.

Once the gang figured out that it was evil Butters spreading the lies, they also discovered he was in cahoots with, you guessed it, Mark Zuckerberg. When they asked Zuckerberg why he was protecting Butters, he said, “Simple. He paid me $17.23.”

With Coon and Friends ending up in a Zuckerberg street brawl, Cartman was able to beat him at his own fake game. “Ever heard of Facebook Live?” he asked while pointing to a nearby camera. “We are just kids trying to have our voices heard for black, handicapped, and Jewish rights, cut down in our prime by Mark Zuckerberg.” With Zuckerberg seeing that he was being portrayed on Facebook as a villain, he quickly shut down the website entirely.

After that, Butters’s dad needed to teach Butters and Vladimir Putin a lesson. After dragging Butters to Moscow, he told the both of them, “I hope you’re both very satisfied with the damage you’ve caused because you’re both grounded!”

South Park airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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