South Korea to increase check on powdered human flesh capsules from China


Seoul, May 8 (ANI): South Korea has said that it will increase customs check on capsules coming from China that contained powdered human flesh. The Korea Customs Service said it had found that almost 17,500 capsules were being smuggled into the country from China since August 2011. According to the BBC, inspection will be increased on the shipments of drugs arriving from northeast China. Officials have said that the powdered flesh was made from dead babies and foetuses and reportedly cured disease and boost stamina. However, officials have said that the capsules were full of bacteria and posed a health risk. "It was confirmed those capsules contain materials harmful to the human body, such as super bacteria. We need to take tougher measures to protect public health," a customs official said. The capsules were even dyed or switched into boxes of other drugs in a bid to disguise them. The capsules containing the powdered flesh were found both in luggage and in the post. It had emerged in a documentary last year that human flesh capsules from northeast China were smuggled into South Korea. At that time China's Health Ministry said that it was investigating the claims raised by the programme. Ministry spokesman Deng Haihua said that China had "strict management of disposal of infant and foetal remains as well as placentas". "Any practice that handles the remains as medical waste is strictly prohibited," he added. (ANI)