'Soured' US-Pak ties bog down trilateral Afghan reconciliation process talks

Islamabad, Aug 3 (ANI): Afghanistan has indicated its frustration over the slow pace of the reconciliation process during the trilateral meeting between Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States, apparently because of the strained ties between Pakistan and the US.

During a joint press conference following the meeting, the Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister said, "I came here with an urgent message that we need to make the process of reconciliation the central piece of our discussions," The Express Tribune reports.

Reports suggest that the meeting of the 'Core Group' comprising of these three countries did not achieve any significant results on the process of reconciliation in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

Senior officials from the three countries made little headway in accelerating the process of peace-making with the Taliban due to ongoing tensions between Islamabad and Washington.

Although US envoy Grossman acknowledged that his country's relations with Pakistan had been going through a tough period, he insisted that both the countries would soon sort out the issues.

Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir tried to down play the ongoing tensions between Pakistan and the US saying that he was, "quite confident that the two countries would soon find a way out." (ANI)