The sound of dhak, the rhythm of Durga Puja | Ground Report from Kolkata

Kolkata Puja Pandal has brought alive the rural art and handcrafts of Bengal. The pandals have been built using materials from all over Bengal, from different districts. For example, the mats on the pandal have been sourced from Coochbehar, beautiful wooden dolls for Decoration have been brought from Burdwan, the paintings have been done by rural artists. The puja organiser wanted to ensure such rural artists earn little money this puja too, like every year as their livelihoods are dependent on Durga puja. It's an economic activity too. Such rural artists have been hit badly by the pandemic. While many had debated if Durga puja should have happened at all amidst the pandemic, the Dhakis or the drummers who lend the quintessential sound of Durga puja explain as to how they would have been deprived the worst the most if puja hadn't happened. Every year the money they earn out of this, help them survive the rest of the year. Dhak is integral to Bengal and the artists say a big Thank You for not having forgotten them completely.