Soumitra Chatterjee's health condition worsens: Doctors

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Kolkata, Nov 13 (PTI) The health condition of legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee worsened on Friday, one of the attending doctors treating the thespian at a private hospital here said.

While the neurological condition of the 85-year old is 'worst during the entire period' of his over a month long stay at the hospital, an EEG proved there was very little activity within the brain itself, the doctor said.

'Situation is not that good. His condition has actually deteriorated. The neurological condition is worst in the entire period of his stay. It deteriorated in last 48 hours. We did a CT scan to find out if there was any problem.

We did an EEG but there is very little activity within the brain itself,' the doctor said.

Though Chatterjee did not suffer any convulsions, his heart conditions are not that good also, he said.

'His heart rate became high but got controlled. His oxygenation requirement has gone up and kidney function not good. He is now on alternate dialysis,' the physician said.

However, on the few positive sides, there had been no bleeding while his liver function and other parameters are stable, the doctor said in the bulletin.

'Overall it seems his situation won't be good in coming 24 hours. For the first time, we are expecting unfavourable outcome of the entire thing. We are giving our best but it seems our best may not be adequate for full recovery of Mr Chatterjee,' he said.

Informing that the neuro board will be closely monitoring Chatterjee in next 24 hours, the doctor said 'as of now the situation is grim but may be by God's grace he will come out of this.' Chatterjee on Thursday had undergone the first plasmapheresis for raising his plasma count.

Plasmapheresis is a process in which the liquid part of the blood, or plasma, is separated from the blood cells and replaced with another solution such as saline or albumin, or treated and returned to the body to treat autoimmune disorders.

On Wednesday, Tracheostomy was successfully performed on the legendary actor.

Tracheostomy is an opening surgically created through the neck into the windpipe to allow direct access to the breathing tube.

The legendary actor, who debuted in Satyajit Rays masterpiece 'Apur Sansar', has been under treatment since October 6 after testing positive for COVID-19.

He later tested negative for the infection but COVID- 19 encephalopathy set in and various other complications surfaced. PTI SUS RG RG