Sorry Paparazzi, You Worked Hard But #DeepVeer’s Inner Circle Won

The privilege of proximity to Deepika and Ranveer, our beautiful power couple, put paparazzi in the shadows. It is no longer worth it to spend hours waiting to capture your golden photograph, when those closest to the couple in the hallowed circle of privilege – stylists, photographers, the ones who do not leak but withhold pictures – are the ones holding all the chips.

Those grainy snatches also tell us that the person who put the picture out is a member of the inner circle.

Hard-working entertainment journalists bowed before the circle of privilege which tightly controlled the slow trickle of information that is leaked like precious pearls, one by one from far off, tightly sealed venues.

Take the the styling team posing with the godly duo whose multi lakh looks they they were privileged enough to think of, drape and then and keep secret, until they couldn’t.

Or the ‘’drivers and bodyguards’’ dressed in cream coloured como-chic clothes, lucky enough to be so close to the couple that they felt ‘invited to participate’’.

Or the “ I was so happy to be a tiny part of it” designated draper. She did not leak a picture but she made sure everyone knew that she was a part of it and I assume she was...

Being a tiny part of it is still huge.

As someone watching with eyes peeled for pictures to trickle in and hoping they come during somewhat office hours, my heart goes out the hard working souls of the journo fraternity tracking this blockbuster shaadi.

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