Sophie Marceau, former Bond girl, takes it all off to show how she has thwarted time

Keerthi Mohan
Sophie Marceau


Former Bond girl Sophie Marceau has stripped completely naked for her role in French-Belgian film Jailbirds, and she has been receiving a lot of praise for maintaining her youthfulness despite being 50.

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One scene in the movie has the French actress trying to preserve her modesty with her hands while a police official strip searches her before entering the prison. Pictures of the said scene have been published on Daily Mail, and many have flooded the comments section of the website with praise.

"She's always been gorgeous and puts the majority of women at any age to shame with her figure. Go Sophie!" one fan wrote. Added another: "Despite being in her 50s, Sophie is still gorgeous with a gorgeous face, body & figure!"

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Marceau found fame with her role in James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough where she played the role of an heiress named Elektra King. Her role in the movie made her an international sex symbol, but the actress doesn't consider herself to be one.

Sophie Marceau


"I've never really been beautiful. I'm photogenic, which is very important, and now I'm getting older I'm aware I have to take care," she previously told The Guardian. "I'm transformable, and you can do all sorts of different styles with me. I can be sexy or I can be not sexy at all. I don't want to be stuck in one thing, because I'm not myself one thing."

Last year, during a chat with SCMP, the actress revealed that she wanted to quit Hollywood as being famous was a lot of work. "I've done a lot, you know. I like my job, but today to be famous is a lot of pressure, a lot of manipulation, a lot of blah, blah, blah," she said.

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