Sooraj Pancholi Opens Up About His Alleged Connection To Sushant And Disha Salian's Death

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Actor Sooraj Pancholi has been making the headlines in association with Disha Salian and Sushant Singh Rajput's death. The actor finally decided to open up about the allegations and set the record straight. While he has claimed that he did not know Disha and did not attend or host a party on June 13, netizens continued to call out the actor. After a picture surfaced on the Internet that claimed he was with Disha, Sooraj called out media portals for reporting fake news.

Sooraj Pancholi opened up about the allegations by senior BJP leader Narayan Rane in an interview with India Today Television. The actor revealed that the allegations are based on a conspiracy theory, that started because of a Facebook post written by Puneet Vashisth.

He said, "So basically this gentleman has written a big article on his Facebook page. Okay, this entire the Disha story, Sushant story where my name was included. He wrote a big conspiracy theory ki mujhe kya laga tha. He had written a film synopsis, jaise film ke synopsis kissi actor ko milte hain. He claims to be a songwriter and a writer himself. So I'm sure he has that passion in him and I'm sure he has a vivid imagination. So he has written a nine point synopsis where he has claimed all this in his head how he thought all this happened. Jaha usne socha Sooraj ka relation tha Disha se, Sooraj ne disha ko pregnant kiya. Uske baad Sushant ko pata chala fir ye woh whatever."

Sooraj Reveals He Has No Connection To The Case And Mumbai Police Is Aware About It

Talking about being named in Sushant's death case, Pancholi also revealed that Mumbai Police is aware he is not connected to the case, and added, "The police are aware of me not being included or me not being attached to this case. I don't know why they are not saying anything. I don't know why Mumbai police is shut about this. They should be saying something about this."

He also opened up about the alleged party hosted by him at his penthouse. He said, "First of all, I don't have a penthouse. I live on the first floor in Versova. There was no party at my place, neither I went to any party. I was at my home. He (Narayan Rane) should be asked who told him this? If you are saying this after reading it on Whatsapp? Police should inquire about this or a person who is writing this out of frustration sitting at his/her home?"

Sooraj Called Out Fake News In An IG Post

Sooraj went on to share that Sushant called him 'little brother'. He said, "I didn't know Disha. I knew Sushant because I met him a couple of times. My relation with him was very normal because we belong to the same industry. Hum kabhi kisi ke ghar par milein ho ya kisi office mein mile ho, humne humesha hi hello kiya hai waha se meri aur Sushant ki thodi dosti hui thi. He invited me to the screening of his film." (We either met in someone's office or someone's home and then became friends)

"Main aur Sushant ek dusre ko bhai bulate the, we called each other brothers. I am younger, so he called me little brother We haven't worked together and unfortunately we will never have a chance to work together now. But he respected me and I respected him too, as my senior. That's it," Pancholi added.

Sooraj Says Allegations Don't Mean Much: Its Not The Truth

Pancholi said the allegations don't mean much to him, because they don't come from the late actor's family.

"All these people talking right now are irrelevant for me. Did Sushant's father say this, did Sushant sister say this? Did Sushant's brother in law say this? Did anyone from his family say this about me? No, because they know it is not true. I have nothing to do with it. Na kabhi koi party thi, na main kabhi wahan par main gaya, na main Disha ko jaanta tha na mera isse koi lena dena hai, they are only pulling me into this because of my past, (I didn't attend any party because there was none, and I didn't know Disha, nor do I have anything to do with the case.)" The India Today report quoted the young actor as saying.

Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on June 14, 2020. Several speculations about his death have been going around on social media. Meanwhile, Mumbai Police had been investigating the case which has now been transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

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