Soon, Shatabdi Express to have Anubhuti coaches with flight-like features

The much awaited Anubhuti coaches have reached Mumbai Central where they are kept until the railway board decides the cost that each passenger has to pay to travel in these ultra-modern coaches.

The coach has the latest facilities and feels like one is sitting in an aeroplane with the kind of frills that is attached with flights. These two coaches will be attached to the Shatabdi Express running between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

"There are 10 coaches that the ICF has manufactured and they have been given to various railway divisions. Western Railway has received two and they will be attached to the Shatabdi trains soon," says Ravinder Bhakar, chief public relations officer of the Western Railway.

The executive-class coach is blue in colour with artistic patterns of flowers and leaves on the outside. Inside, the reclining chairs have seat-back entertainment screens for which headphones would be given as well by coach attendants.

There are USB slots, charging points, adjustable reading lights and call buttons to summon an attendant which have been installed above seats. There are tray tables that slide back into the space under the armrest just like it's done in aeroplanes.

The washroom on both ends of the coach have modern jaguar fittings and there are fire extinguishers placed right at the entrance.

Just as in aeroplanes, there is a public announcement system and a mini pantry for serving hot food on the go. The doors of Anubhuti coaches open with just a finger's touch and the sensors help in closing it back if there are no passengers blocking it.

In the middle of the coach, there are rail information screens on both sides. They will display details such as the train speed, the approaching station and time to destination.

Just like Tejas, there are large windows, and if the day is sunny, then the blinds can be pulled down. Security in the coaches will be optimum and it will be in a week's time that the railway board will decide the price of each ticket.