Sonu Sood Shares Proof After A Netizen Called His Philanthropic Work A PR Stunt, Accused Him Of Offering Help To Fake Accounts

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Sonu Sood came to the rescue of numerous people amid Coronavirus lockdown. First, he ensured migrant workers reached their home towns during the lockdown. Not just this, he has also been replying to several tweets, reaching out and helping students and people who are in dire need. However, a Twitter user raised suspicion over Sonu Sood’s philanthropic work, and accused him of offering help to fake accounts as a part of a PR stunt. Sonu Sood then responded to him, while sharing proof that he has genuinely been helping those in need.

A Twitter user named Snehal made a tweet asking Sonu Sood to help them get treatment for her son who needs to undergo open heart surgery as soon as possible. Sonu Sood responded to the tweet saying that her son would be admitted to SRCC Hospital in Mumbai and that the surgery would be scheduled this week. However, a Twitter user alleged that Sonu Sood has been helping fake accounts as Snehal’s account only had 2-3 followers. The Twitter user wrote that Snehal did not tag Sonu Sood in the tweet, neither were contact details or address mentioned. “New twitter A/c Only 2-3 followers One Tweet Never tagged Sonu Sood No location mentioned No contact details No email address But Sonu Sood somehow found the Tweet and offered help. Most of the earlier handles who sought help deleted their tweets This is how PR team works,” read the social media user’s tweet.

Sonu Sood replied to this, and offered proof as well, as he shared images of receipts of the tests conducted on the child. Another picture showed a screenshot of the hospital’s scheduled surgeries. He then wrote, “That’s the best part brother.I find a needy & they somehow find me. It’s about “INTENTIONS”, but u won’t understand.Tom patient will be in SRCC Hospital kindly do ur bit. Send some fruits for him.Someone with 2-3 followers will be happy to get some love from a man with followers.”

A few days ago, Sonu Sood shared an image of numerous letters that he receives every day. He wrote, ““HELP” mails that I receive everyday. I wish I could reach out to everyone, which looks impossible. Will wait for the day when these letters will reduce in numbers and we will have more prosperity everywhere.” ALSO READ: Sonu Sood On Biopics Being Offered On His Life: 'I Will Play Myself In My Biopic, I Have Earned That Right' -EXCLUSIVE

Image Source: Instagram/Sonu Sood

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