Sonu Nigam's Instagram Following Spikes Amid Spat With Divya Khosla Kumar and T-Series

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The online war between Sonu Nigam and T-Series is on.

Days, after Sonu Nigam alleged Bhushan Kumar of maligning his name for speaking out against favouritism in the music industry, Kumar's wife Divya Khosla Kumar responded to the 46-year-old singer's allegations levelled against the music company's managing director.

In the 11-minute video that has taken the Internet by a storm, Divya Khosla Kumar said that T-Series had given a break to many outsiders including singers, music directors, lyricists and actors. She then questions Sonu Nigam if he has ever promoted any new talent in the industry.

She said, "You (Sonu) are a legend. How many people have you given a break to?" And then herself answers, "No one." Divya further claims that "97% people working in T-Series are outsiders, not industry kids."

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Divya then claimed that Nigam used to "sing in Delhi’s Ramleela for Rs 5. It was there that Gulshan Kumar spotted him, recognised his talent and gave him a flight ticket to Mumbai and told him, 'Son, I will make you a big artiste.'"

She also called her cook Sheru on camera to corroborate her claims as she says he has been with the family since 1988, which later became a subject of online memes.

Her online rant was in direct response to Nigam's video to her husband Kumar wherein the singer accused the music company chief of attempting to sabotage his image.

As the blame game continues online, Indians may have picked their side, or that is what the spike in Nigam's social media following suggests.

Nigam's Instagram account saw a considerable increase in followers in the past few days.

sonu nigam instagram

Source: Socialblade.

So has his official YouTube channel.

sonu nigam youtube

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While Divya's Instagram saw a considerable dip in her followers' list.

divya khosla kumar instagram

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In his video Nigam said, "Bhushan Kumar, now I have to mention your name. And now, you deserve being addressed without respect. You have messed with the wrong person," Nigam said in the video in Hindi.

"Do you remember the time when you would come to my home requesting me, ‘brother record an album for me. Brother, record Deewana for me. Brother, introduce me to Smita Thackeray and Bal Thackeray. Save me from Abu Salem. Abu Salem is abusing me, do you remember? Don't mess with me, I am warning you."

Nigam had posted a seven-minute-long video on Instagram on Thursday in the wake of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. In the clip, he requested top music labels to be "a little sensitive" towards young talents so that the latter may not end up facing a fate like Rajput.

Meanwhile, T-Series remains the most-subscribed YouTube channel with over 143 million subscribers.

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