Sons Refuse to Allow 80-year-old Mother into House out of Covid-19 Fear

An 80-year-old woman was allegedly not allowed into their house here on Friday by her sons out of COVID-19 fear as she returned from Maharashtra where the incidence of the disease is high.

The woman today returned from Sholapur in Maharashtra after a stay at her relatives house in the wake of relaxations in lockdown norms, but her elder son and his wife did not allow her into the house, said Edla Ashok, a division member of Karimnagar Municipal Corporation.

The elderly woman explained that she was healthy and not a COVID-19 patient, but her son did not relent, Ashok said.

The womans younger son had locked his house and gone away out of fear of the virus as she returned from Maharashtra, the civic official claimed.

On the intervention of the member and the neighbours, the mother was accepted by her elder son.

However, the civic official said the senior citizen would be subjected to a coronavirus test, and in case of any symptoms, she would be put in a quarantine ward.