SONIC Is Releasing Espresso Milkshakes, and One Is Filled With Oreo Pieces

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
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Photo credit: Facebook @Sonic.Drive.In.2702
Photo credit: Facebook @Sonic.Drive.In.2702

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If there’s one thing SONIC Drive-In knows what to do, it’s how to make delicious milkshakes. Remember the Toasted S’mores Shake from over the summer? The latest variety is bound to give you an extra boost, because it’s all about espresso.

Although the fast food spot has yet to announce the new sip, one location in Kansas has posted a picture of the shakes, and Instagram account @melzchris actually got to try it for themselves! So while it appears that it’s not out quite yet, you might get lucky and be able to order one early.

As detailed on the poster, SONIC has a new Espresso Classic Shake and Oreo Espresso Master Shake. We’re guessing the first one consist of vanilla ice cream and espresso, and topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. To get a little more zing, the Master Shake includes crushed up Oreo pieces — because what doesn’t go well with Oreos?

If you like chocolate and coffee, we see no reason why these frozen drinks wouldn’t hit the spot. Now if only they were acceptable to replace our morning coffee order …

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