Sonic Boom Shakes Britain: People Living Between Cambridge & London Heard 'Loud Explosion' as Two Fighter Jets Scrambled

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London, January 12: A sonic boom erupted in Britain on Tuesday afternoon around 1 pm (Local Time), and millions of residents across Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Cambridge, north and south London reported hearing an 'explosion', reported Daily Mail. As per reports, two fighter jets RAF Typhoon took off in the afternoon to escort a corporate flight to London after it lost communication with the air traffic control. Authorities believe that they must have caused the explosion noise. Bengaluru Loud Sound: Was it Sonic Boom? Here's What The Term Means.

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A supersonic aircraft flying at a height of 30,000 feet can cause a lateral boom of about 30 miles. Such a sound can reportedly heard from a distance of approximately one mile per 1,000 feet vertically. As per the height of the aircraft, the sonic bool can be heard at ground two to 60 seconds after it occurs. Bengaluru Sonic Boom Was Triggered by Indian Air Force Fighter Jet Test Flight

A sonic boom is a sound associated with shock waves which are created whenever the object travels faster than the speed of the sound. These booms generate an enormous amount of energy which could be similar to an explosion. It is a continuous effect that occurs while the object is travelling at supersonic speed.

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