Sonam Kapoor should not let the media detract from the fact that she is a true trailblazer

Andrew Josef
Sonam Kapoor

"Frankly I don't give a damn, I'm proud of my body!"

Sonam Kapoor may have been channeling her inner Rhett Butler in that tweet regarding the media feeding frenzy that surrounded her hardly-wanton display of side boob at an event, recently.

Her, sentiment, however, is not only admirable, but something more women need to imbibe, comprehend and radiate.

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That Sonam Kapoor is gorgeous, is not in question here...she is. But she's also smart, witty, and an excellent actor, and she rightly rails against the fact that a broad section of the media (this website included) chose to focus on the skin of her body, rather than the flesh of her statements made at Chandon's Party Starter anthem launch.

But Sonam has been in the business for long enough to know that nuance or a discerning sense of priority is often cowed by the gratuitous desires of the masses.

At the event, Sonam said of Swara Bhaskar's film Nil Battey Sannata: "If you see these films, you will understand what a true feminist means...someone who fights for her rights."

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Her advice to women was not only pertinent, but it was also a sentiment so woefully needed in an Indian society increasingly mired in medieval rancor: "To be empowered and being yourself are important for every human being."

And while her comments on the reports being "sexist" are a bit precious, it might behoove us in the media to cover the full story, rather than just the bits that we feel can throw to the baying masses crowding the high towers of celebrity.

A woman must have the right to wear whatever she wants, of that there is no doubt. And while celebrities may not be comfortable with some of the coverage, they also do understand that through all the voyeuristic lenses, there are a few that capture the person, rather than the persona.

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