Someone just made ‘maa ka gyaan’ cool, check out ‘Mother With Sign’ and the love it’s getting online

Shreya Das

People are showering love on the desi mom and are calling her advice totally relatable.

No matter how much one grows up, what remains constant in a desi person's life is 'maa ka gyaan'. In every Indian household world over, a mother’s love comes with loads of wisdom -- of course, unsolicited, and most often, ignored. A Delhi man has, however, come up with a solution of sorts so that not only he but others also get to hear his mother's advice.

So what has 32-year-old Pranav Sapra done? He has gone ahead and created a profile, where else, but at the hangout of youngsters, Instagram, and titled it  'Mother with Sign. Now, this account is coming in handy for his mother to send out messages to his son that most people hear routinely from their mothers.

As Sapra's mother got down to work, it was a matter of time before her Instagram page was noticed, possibly because everything she is saying is so relatable, The page shows his mother holding placards with wholesome life lessons, arguments about eating your veggies, trolling about not waking up on time and more. The page is growing fast and has thousands of followers in just about a week.

A delighted Sapra shared a post about his mother’s new page on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

Sapra, who works with Zomato, told his 64 years 'young' mother, too, is enjoying the viral fame.

His mom's advice has been there always but after the 'Dude With Sign' took social media by storm, Sapra thought why not do the same for her. "I thought there's advice I get all the time from my mom, but always ignore. Figured other kids do the same and then realize later that she only meant well. Put two and two together and you'll have mothers who want nothing but everyone to be happy, healthy and peaceful. Amplify these messages and boom it's motivation for all, and everyone is finally listening because it's on Instagram," the  v32-year-old said.

Over the past few days photos of Poonam Sapra, a homemaker by choice and artist by passion, holding cardboard with handwritten messages has gone viral across social media sites, and people have loved not only the idea but found the advice way too relatable as their desi moms say the same. And not just the advice, she is also doing what every mom does best -- recycling. Going ahead with her son's idea she incorporated to use the cardboards from the boxes lying in waste. And also plans to move to something that will be more eco-friendly in the future.

So, how does the duo execute the idea and get things going? Explaining the process, the man said working for the page has been fun and is something that has brought them closer, as they love creating and interacting with followers when sitting together.

"I suggested the first few and you'll notice they're more like nags. The other motivational and happy ones were all her," Sapra said. "She's a super optimistic person in real life too so it all comes naturally to her. Now we've started spending our time together thinking of a few lines where I'm mostly just making it crisper while she gives me a mini lecture. You know how moms love to give lectures," he joked.

The young man said it wasn't very difficult to get her on board with his plans but was only a little unsure at the start. So, one deal to reduce some of the stress, it worked like a charm.

"I told her it will be fun, she smiled and said 'okay'. Of course, it meant I stop irritating her and eat my dinner on time right after that chat was over, without which this would no longer be part of the deal if you know what I mean," he quipped.

Asked how his mother is enjoying the viral fame, Sapra said she is "totally loving it" and has a cool sense of humour about it too. "She keeps telling people, 'You know, they're calling me motherboard now!'. That said, she also tells me to not care so much about the followers, what matters is how happy it makes people and us in the process. She's overjoyed, but genuinely grateful for all the love that's being showered," he added.

As the account is going viral, people are not just loving it, many have now started pinging Sapra saying they'll send him advice and life-lessons from their mothers and grandmothers.

Although Sapra is currently helping her manage the account, he added that his mother is quite tech-savvy and claimed has Pinterest account for years with over 2 lakh followers, which he only stumbled upon recently.