Someone Asked if AIIMS Has a Real-life Kabir Singh on Quora, Sexist Response Stunned Internet

It has been over six months since the release of Sanjeev Vanga Reddy's hotly debated film Kabir Singh and audiences seemed to have just started to forget the ordeal. However, a question on Quora has brought the film back on social media timelines.

Taking to Quora, the question-answer platform that allows users to ask any kind of query that curiosity can spawn and seek answers from the wisened world wide web, a user asked, "Is there any Kabir Singh like student in Delhi AIIMS?"

Now those who have suffered through the film would remember that Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) was a medical student in a medical college much like AIIMS before going on to become a surgeon (and finally losing his medical licence after admitting to being an alchoholic) in the film.

While the question, which seems to have come from a medical student as well, was bizarre to begin with, the top response listed on Quora was nothing short of sexist.

"Actually, it's impossible for AIIMS Delhi because India's creamy layer gets selected which really needs a huge sacrifice", a user wrote. He went on to say that a student like Kabir Singh who is an alchoholic drug abuser would not be able to sustain in the college. Doing surgery requires one to be calm and composed and those with anger and aggression cannot become surgeons.

While the reasoning was sound so far, the user further added that another reason why Kabir Singh would not be found in AIIMS was that no "topper" would leave a successful career for "a girl".

"Do you think any topper will let go (of) his medical seat for (an) apology and thereafter just stop (practicing) because of girl? I don't even think about what is more important a girl or your career (and) reputation (that) you made by your hard work" the user wrote.

He further added that every doctor smokes, drinks and does drugs at least once and that it was not wrong for doctors to try such things in moderation. Thus he essentially forgave Singh's character for being a smoker, alcoholic and drug abuser who was often violent with women. But not the fact that he messed up his shining medical career "for a girl".

The sexist Quora interaction reached Twitter with a Twitter user wondering, "Why is #Quora a thing?!"

We couldn't help but agree.