Solution to curb COVID-19 is better medical system not lockdown: Sisodia

Sisodia on November 18 clarified that Delhi government has no intentions of imposing a lockdown and also cited better solutions to curb COVID-19 infections.“Delhi government has no intentions of imposing a lockdown. We believe lockdown is not a solution in the fight against COVID-19. Solution is better hospital management and better medical systems. Delhi government has managed the medical system well and will do it in future too,” said Manish Sisodia. He further said, “I'd like to assure shopkeepers, they need not be scared. We don't intend to impose a lockdown. We want your shops to remain open. If needed, regulations will be increased in some markets -that's what we requested from centre. But it won't be a lockdown in any manner.” Delhi has reported more than 6,000 cases in last 24 hours.