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Every country has a beauty to offer to its tourists, but the beauty of Chile has a unique attraction you won’t find elsewhere. Capture the landscapes in your camera, in still and in motion, as much as you can. And then keep the camera aside and devour the beauty with your eyes. Historic sites would take you in the past, and the lively beaches will bring you back instantly. The country has a very low crime rate as per Global Peace Index, and the accommodation options are safe and cozy also. Safety guaranteed.

Solo lady travelers, feel free to book your trips to these 10 destinations - thank us later

Single? Not quite ready to mingle? Want to go on a trip but schedule doesn’t fit into that of your friends, cousins or colleagues.

Why bother, ladies? There’s nothing on earth that you can’t do by yourself, so why should travelling be an exception?

Not confident enough? Leave all that fear aside. We have done the research for you and listed down 10 countries that are absolutely safe for the solo women travelers. Scroll through and decide on your destination.

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