'Solid, sleek and affordable': Fitbit Versa 2 review

The Versa 2 builds on the recent chain of Fitbit smartwatches to produce a solid, if slightly expensive, fitness tracker.

The model’s design, relatively similar to the Apple Watch, is refined while it boasts a number of impressive features which help it stand out from the Fitbit family.

But while it attempts, and mostly manages, to compete with other top-end smartwatches, a lack of in-built GPS leaves me with a feeling of frustration.

As far as smart fitness trackers go, the Versa 2 is a good choice.

It is worth adding at this juncture that the tracker does have the ability to trace your running path - but it must be connected to your phone’s GPS.

For the majority, this will not be an issue. For myself, it acted as a sticking point - having previously used the Fitbit Ionic, which does have built-in GPS.

The obvious workaround is to take your phone with you, as many do anyway. The running experience is vastly improved with the GPS, especially when synchronised with an app - for example Strava.

Aside from that pain point, though, the device is a helpful health companion which feels considerably lighter than the Ionic and also carried a more refined look.

The constant heart-tracking as well as the push notifications to keep fit throughout the day are all part of the smartwatch’s function in helping people maintain fitness. The fact it comes as water resistant (up to 50m) is an added bonus.

The sleep tracking is particularly handy, more so when paired with Fitbit Premium - a subscription add-on service which gives an additional depth to the feedback provided. In addition to the sleep ratings, for example, it will provide tutorials in how to improve the rankings.

The Versa 2 features Amazon Alexa voice control screen, in Special Edition Smoke and Mist Grey.

A discreet new addition to the latest model also allows for ‘sleep mode’, limiting the watch’s display while enabled and preventing any premature wake ups.

As always, a Bluetooth connection with your phone is required to synchronise with the app - and, intentionally or not, the Versa 2 seems to maintain a more fluid connection than the Ionic did.

Helpfully, though, the Versa now has Amazon Alexa voice control. This is, of course, only handy if you have an existing Alexa setup, but if that is the case, it adds another port through which you can command your smart devices. Albeit, the microphone can be a bit challenging - frequently requiring you to speak up.

Alexa is not the only app which is compatible with the Versa 2, either. A number of apps - think Spotify, Strava and plenty more - enhance the experience, particularly while running.

Connection to your phone means the watch receives messages from compatible apps, and allows you to reply with a simple tap of the watch - albeit, the pre-set list of responses is limited.

In short, the Versa is a considerable improvement on its predecessors in the Fitbit family. Its sleek design and improved functionality make it a better fit for those seeking a smartwatch.

A quick recharge time allows for up to six days’ functionality, although you will probably be looking at charging twice a week to ensure it doesn’t run flat.

It is an affordable device which does plenty, especially the basics, well.

The Versa 2, like other Fitbit smartwatches, allows for customisable watch faces.