Solar panel thefts, rampant wrong side driving affect Eastern Peripheral Expressway

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Solar panel thefts, rampant wrong side driving affect Eastern Peripheral Expressway

Thefts are only limited to a specific stretch of Expressway that connects Ghaziabad to Baghpat.

A month after its inauguration, a number of solar panels, batteries and steel nets were stolen from the Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE).

Theft took place at the Package-2 (Ghaziabad-Baghpat) stretch of EPE in last one month.

It was found that an number of solar panels placed at the divider were stolen and steel nets that were erected to keep animals as well as pedestrians away, were also uprooted and of course, stolen.

The stretch from Ghaziabad to Baghpat, as many as 20 frames of solar panels, each one contains four separate panels, and they were found lying vacant.

When it came to the broken panels, the engineers said, "Before PM Narendra Modi's visit was scheduled to inaugurate the Eway, we had fixed all the panels. Some of them are missing. Police had been informed."

The street lights of the Eway run on solar energy, however, the solar plants of the Eway are heavily barricaded.

The speed limit on this Eway is 120 kmph, which makes it the fastest Eway in the country.


But during the reality check, it was found that a number of trucks, dumpers, water tankers, tractors and even bikes are running freely on the wrong side with no police barricade or private security patrol in the stretch of over 70 km.

Since signage of U-turn and exits are not clear, many drivers were found taking wrong side to find one.

Also, despite a number of accidents on the Eway near Palwal, scores of trucks and other heavy vehicles were found parked on roadside unattended, which is an open invitation to fatal accidents on an the fastest Eway of India.

Despite the claims of the authorities, local pedestrians were spotted dashing through the Expressway leaping the barricades and dividers.

Security guards were found posted only at the toll collection booth.

A separate lane has been left for entry-exit of vehicles carrying construction materials as work is still going on at many stretches of the Expressway.

Many vehicles were spotted fleeing through these separate free lanes at the exit at Sirsa village of Greater Noida with a handful of security guards trying to stop them.