How Social Media Came Together to Help Elderly Man Selling Plants on Roadside in Bengaluru

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In a month's time, we have witnessed the power of social media and how it can regroup us to join hands and help the needy. Ever since netizens came together to help a small eatery ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ run by an elderly couple in Delhi, similar incidents have been surfacing online, urging people to help.

The latest in this netizens endeavour to reach out to the needy comes from Bengaluru. In this instance, people went out of their way to help an elderly man who sells saplings on the roadside without a proper enclosure, with just an umbrella to save from him the sun.

Twitter user Shubham Jain (@shubham_jain999) shared a post with photos about the elderly man. The post introduced the elderly man as ‘Revana Siddappa’ who sells plant saplings and urged people to help the elderly person.

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He mentioned rough details about the place and prices of the plants, which Siddappa sells holding an umbrella to save “himself from the sunlight,” the caption said.

He urged his followers and people to come out and support the man. Shubham’s tweet garnered thousands of likes and caught the eye of many celebrities who shared the tweet. However, actor Randeep Hooda was one of the first to respond and asked for the exact address.

Hooda then urged his followers on the microblogging site to support the elderly man. The actor in a reply said, “Hey Bangalore… do show some love.” He even shared the address where Siddappa can be found selling the saplings.

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The appeals and the photos touched many users who poured in to help Siddappa. An NGO called the ‘Changemakers of Kanakpura Road’ provided him with a canopy and few more plants to sell. The NGO also helped with a sign and provided him with a table and chair.

The NGO in a tweet said they are raising funds to make sustainable income and others can reach out to them for help. Their help has touched many users and has been widely appreciated on Twitter.