Snoop Dogg Listening to Frozen's 'Let it Go' While Sitting in His Parked Car is a Mood

With the coronavirus pandemic gripping the world, days are becoming increasingly difficult and chaotic with the ensuing lockdown. Amid such a time when people from different walks of life are coming together to do their bits in encouraging the world to not lose hope, American rapper Snoop Dogg, too, had a message. Of course, he delivered the message in the most Snoop Dog way.

In a recent viral video, Snoop Dogg was seen sitting inside his car and listening to 'Let it Go' from Disney's 'Frozen'. Later in the video, he says, "Let it go...we'll be outside soon."

Although we were really hoping he would sing along the song, he seemed to just enjoy the music while repeating 'Let it go' thrice. He added, "I had to come sit in my car and listen to this man. Let it go."

The video went viral with Twitter user Amy Brown saying, "I would like to talk about this video of snoop dogg listening to the frozen soundtrack in his parked car." The video soon garnered a lot of reactions, with people reiterating what Snoop Dogg feels on the "spiritual level".