Snapchat bug saves 'deleted 'sensitive' videos

London, Dec 29 (ANI): Videos sent through smartphone app Snapchat, which are supposed to be disappeared after a few seconds, can be preserved, a report has said.

Snapchat became popular as it deletes sensitive or risque photos and videos after a short delay.

But tech news site Buzzfeed has found that videos sent to iPhones can be stored using a workaround, the BBC reports.

Using a widely available file-browsing computer program Katie Notopoulos, a staff reporter at Buzzfeed, found that Snapchat and its Facebook equivalent Poke could be used to copy videos temporarily stored on handsets before the apps have been used to view them.

When videos were loaded, but not opened, Ms Notopoulos discovered it was possible to get at and view these copies when users connected their iPhone to a computer and used a file browser to look through its internal memory.

If videos were not viewed, she found, they were stored in a folder called "tmp" by Snapchat or "mediacard" on Facebook's Poke.

Copying the files in these folders to a hard drive stopped them being automatically deleted, the report said. (ANI)