Snakes Are Friends! Indonesian Toddler Cuddling Pet Pythons While Watching Cartoons Will Send Chills Down Your Spine (Watch Viral Video)

Team Latestly

Videos of snakes often appear on social media, giving all the chills down your spine. But the recent one, is way too horrific. A frightening moment from Indonesia has just been captured, that will tickle all your scare bones. The short clip shows a toddler, who is cuddling her pet pythons, while watching cartoons in her comfortable home. It is way too much scary for your naked eyes to witness. The video of the little girl, hanging out with her extremely unique snake friends is now going viral on social media platforms. Ssscary Kiss! Brisbane Woman Wakes up To Find a Python Hissing Right Next to Her. 

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It is not one, but the tot has three python pets, slithering all around her, as she calmly enjoys her spare time. The tot is identified as three-year-old Dylan Maharani in reports who is from Tangerang, a city in Java, Indonesia. The snakes include a green tree python, a reticulated python and a yellow Burmese python are seen to cover and slither around the three-year-old girl, whose eyes are locked in the phone screen. Three-Eyed Snake! Australian Rangers Find Deformed Python With Fully Functioning Third Eye. 

Watch the Viral Video

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Maharani’s father told the media outlets that he is never concerned about his daughter’s safety, who from a younger age, have been very comfortable around dangerous reptiles. He feels, the three-year-old has a “special connection” with the wilds.

Tangerang does not require a license for people who wants to keep the slithering creatures as pets. This girl is sure to have some courage! Can you be this calm, if not all three, but one would slide around you, while you enjoy your favourite show on Netflix?