Snake Flight Club: Watch bizarre viral video as a cobra swallows a python

A terrifying video of an encounter between two snakes, a cobra and a python, in the Philippines has surfaced on the internet and it's not a sight for the faint hearted.

In the viral video clip, a 12-foot long cobra is swallowing on a whole python, leaving out only its tail!

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Having to witness this gut-wrenching sight of two snakes fighting, the villagers in the island of Mindanao in southern Philippines, eventually tackled the dangerous cobra too. One of the villagers said "There are lots of snakes in our area, but this is the first time we saw a cobra eat a python. We've had people die from cobra bites before so my neighbor killed the snake as soon as he saw it."

The villagers after killing the cobra happened to rip it open to find a python inside its stomach!

Both cobras and pythons are dangerous snakes, the former is the venomous one. Pythons usually strangulate their prey and eat them whole, but this was something new and bizarre for the people to witness.

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