Snake Bites Dharavi Mother And Daughter, Woman Carries Snake to Hospital For Doctors to Identify Snake And Give Right Anti-Venom

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A woman and her daughter who lives in Mumbai's Dharavi were bitten by a snake earlier this week. The mother rushed her daughter to the hospital along with the snake to help doctors identify the reptile and administer the correct anti-venom.

A woman from Mumbai's Dharavi who was bitten by a snake took the reptile along with her to the hospital. She carried the snake as it would be easier for the doctors to administer the right anti-venom. 34-year-old Sultana Khan and her 18-year-old daughter Tehseen were bitten by the snake which was taking shelter from the rain at their house in Soneri Chawl at Rajiv Gandhi Nagar in Dharavi Depot on Sunday. On realising that her daughter had been bitten by a reptile, the woman rushed to save her. In the process, the snake bit Sultana also. Along with her daughter, she went to Sion Hospital in a cab carrying the snake, believing it would help doctors give her the right medicine. According to experts, it was a venomous Russell's viper. Man Rescues King Cobra Stuck Inside Bike in Karnataka, TikTok Video Goes Viral.

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The woman said that the snake entered the house around 11 and bit Tehseen who was having breakfast with the family. While there was a bit of chaos, Sultana grabbed the snake and took her daughter to the hospital. The woman had brought the snake to the hospital as she remembered how a relative who had once suffered a snake bite was told by doctors that description of the snake can help them find anti-venom in the right time. Cobra At Home! Bengaluru Man Wakes Up To Find Gigantic Snake in Toilet Bowl; Watch Video.

Her house is situated near Maharashtra Nature Park that has snakes like cobra, Russell's vipers and migratory birds. However, Dr Pramod Ingale, Dean in-charge of Sion Hospital called it unnecessary as the treatment protocol for snake bites are the same. He also said that it is dangerous to carry a snake. The snake was later handed over to an animal rights activist.

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