Smriti Irani accuses Rahul Gandhi of instigating violence over farmers’ stir

BJP accused Congress’ Rahul Gandhi of causing political strife and instigating violence. Union Minister Smriti said Gandhi does not want a peaceful resolution of the ongoing farmers’ stir. She added that Congress has a history of dividing people in the country for political gain. The BJP leader said Gandhi has not uttered a word of support for the injured Delhi police personnel. "Today the country witnessed a call for violence by congress’ Rahul Gandhi. Mr Gandhi gave a clarion call for violence across various cities. We have never witnessed a political leader asking for the fire of violence to spread. Declaring war, he said if his political stand is not supported by pm then cities will burn. I appeal to everyone to ensure that his call for violence is met with sustained peace. Over 300 injured Delhi police personnel didn’t receive a word of support from Mr Gandhi," she said.