Slooh to track potentially hazardous asteroid as it flies past earth

Washington, Feb 14 (ANI): Robotic telescope service Slooh will cover NEA 2000 EM26, a potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA), as it makes its closest approach on February 17th live from the Canary Islands.

Viewers can watch free on or by downloading the Slooh iPad app.

The live image stream will be accompanied by discussions led by Slooh host and astronomer Bob Berman, Slooh technical director Paul Cox, and special guest Dr. Mark Boslough, an expert on planetary impacts and global catastrophes and frequent participant on many science TV documentaries.

Viewers can ask questions during the show by using hashtag #asteroid.

Slooh routinely tracks potentially hazardous objects (both asteroids and comets) whose sizes are large enough, and whose orbits take them near enough to our planet, that they have the potential to cause significant damage in the event of an impact. (ANI)