Will slit our throats at Jantar Mantar, if government takes no action: Protesting Tamil Nadu farmers

The protesting farmers of Tamil Nadu were today joined by over 500 farmers from Punjab to show their support at Jantar Mantar.

The Tamil Nadu farmers protesting at Jantar Mantar continue to raise their voices against the Modi government. 22 days have passed by and the gathering of farmers is growing with support pouring in from farmers across the nation.

The Bharati Kisan Union joined hands with the farmers of Tamil Nadu, with over 500 farmers from across Punjab pledging support to the protesting farmers at Jantar Mantar.

"It is a united cause and all of us are going through the same. We have come here to show the government that it is time that they treat farmers and corporate houses with the same respect. If they can waive off corporate loans, they can write off our loans as well," said Balbir Singh, president of the Bharti Kisan Union.

While people raise their list of demands and scream out slogans, the farmers at Jantar mantar find innovative ways to keep their protest alive in the media and grab eyeballs. Dressed in their green piece of clothing, the farmers have shaved half the hair on their head and half of their facial hair. They want to show the government that they are not scared of anything. The hair on their body represents their land and they want the government to save whatever is left of it.

While the farmer got their moustaches and beards shaved off, the Punjabi farmers watched in amazement. "We can see what is happening before us and we are amazed. It touches our hearts. Can't Modi ji see this while it is happening right under his nose?" said Satbir Singh, a farmer who came from Punjab just for a day to join the protest.

Ayyakkannu, the TB farmer leader while speaking to India Today on Monday threatened to slit his throat. "If no action is taken in the next 7 days, we will then slit our throats here. It is either death or victory but we will not move until either of the two happen."

The farmers have been protesting at Jantar mantar since March 14. Their demands include wavering of farmer loans, drought relief fund of 40,000 crores, unification of water bodies, setting up of a Cauvery Management Board and a 50 per cent raise in profit margin for farmers.

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