Slight nip in the air on Friday

Mumbai: There was a slight nip in the air on Friday, as the city recorded its first lowest temperature of the season -- the minimum temperature dropping to 19.5 degrees Celsius. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a further drop in the minimum temperature for the next few days.

At both, the Santacruz and Colaba weather observatories, the minimum temperatures recorded were 19.5 and 22 degrees Celsius respectively, a degree above normal. The maximum temperature recorded on Friday was 31.1 degrees Celsius, one degree below normal while relative humidity remained above 80 per cent.

“The wind pattern over the city was changing because of the prevailing western disturbance over north India. The cool northerly winds are causing a dip in temperature. But this will continue for the next few days only,” said K S Hosalikar, the deputy director general (western region), IMD.

The lowest temperatures recorded in the last two years were 15.2 and 15 degrees Celsius respectively. The all-time lowest temperature recorded in December was in 1949 when the mercury dipped to 10.6 degrees. The lowest temperature for this decade was recorded twice, in 2011 and 2015, at 11.4 degrees Celsius.

Though Mumbaikars are enjoying the cold, doctors warn that the fluctuating temperatures can give rise to seasonal diseases and have warned people to take precautions.

“When there is a sudden change in temperature, the body fails to adjust and one contracts infections. People should be careful and carry warm clothes while travelling, especially in the early morning and night,” said Dr Rajendra Patil, a general physician.

Meanwhile, even as temperatures dropped in Mumbai, the pollutant measuring indicator, the Air Quality Index (AQI) fell from Thursday’s ‘poor’ level of 202, to 179 or ‘moderate’ on Friday.

“Winds prevailing over the city have reduced moisture and are fast-paced, thereby preventing pollutants from being suspended close to the surface,” said Hosalikar.

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