Sleepwalking Girl Falls From 12th Floor of Thailand Hotel; Survives Miraculously (Watch Video)

Team Latestly

Video of a girl sleepwalking inside a hotel has gone viral on social media. The video shows a little girl wearing an orange top and denim trousers walking inside a hotel corridor knocking on doors trying to open it. The five-year-old initially tries to open the door by herself, but when she realises that she cannot, she climbed the wall leading to the staircase and jumped. Video of the small girl falling from a height of 100 ft or more is sure to send chills down your spine. Fortunately, she survived the fall but is injured and is currently recovering in a hospital. Monkey Steals Rs 5000 From Kanpur Toll Plaza, Funny CCTV Footage Goes Viral.

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The incident happened at D Varee Jomtien Beach Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. She had accompanied her 43-year-old father Decha Sookplum to a high school reunion party in Pattaya when the mishap occurred. The incident happened on early Sunday morning as she sleepwalked out of the room she was staying with her father and it got locked. She tried to open doors to other rooms also, but couldn't.

Here is the video:

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The CCTV footage shows the girl climbing down the railings and hanging. Eventually, her hands couldn't hold and she fell from the 11th floor of the building to the ground. On hearing a huge thud, the hotel staff rushed to see the girl lying unconscious. She was immediately taken to Bangkok Hospital with a broken leg. Her father who was informed thereafter reached the hospital following which she was transferred to the ICU at Chonburi hospital yesterday.

After checking the CCTV, Prawit Choosing, Pattaya city police chief said that she jumped due to her lack of fear and curiosity. He was quoted as saying, "The child didn't seem to hesitate before she climbed up to the balcony. But she also didn't think that her reckless behaviour would cause her in trouble. It is the parents' duty to look after children very closely because they can be mischievous sometimes. Parents must be fully aware of this."